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Zack loves to play in the woods in his back yard. One day, he meets a girl named Sky with wild brown hair and big brown eyes. Soon, they are good friends. Though, she is not quite like him…

As children follow this magical story, they’ll notice the rime pattern in each word is in bold helping them decode each word with ease and fluency. The word “rime” is a linguistic term and refers to the pattern of letters starting with the vowel and going to the end of the syllable. The research behind this technique is clear… As humans, we learn the world around us through patterns!

Cross linguistic studies show that the English writing system is one of the most unpredictable writing systems in the world requiring two to three times more instruction time and practice. It also shows that English readers often self-correct while reading. In other words, our irregular, crazy writing system trips us up!  But, we can make our writing system predictable by simulating what predictable languages have that we don’t – visibly clear and consistent patterns!

Teaching and highlighting rime patterns to children is like giving them the key to the puzzle, as they not only unlock one syllable words, they enable readers to breakdown multisyllable words much more readily. Here is an example of rime patterns applied to words: old in bold; ight in light; ould in would. Even those tricky sight words have rime patterns!

The Zack early readers are brought to you by Noah Text and are recommended for children ages 5 to 8. Noah Text early readers come in the following formats:

Rimes + Long Vowels (For maximum benefit.)
Just Rimes (For slightly more skilled readers.)

Note: Noah Text (Just Rimes) highlights the rime pattern only. Noah Text (Rimes + Long Vowels) also accentuates long vowels, similar to an acute accent mark which is used in many languages. Both are provided to offer optimum flexibility to teachers and parents.

Noah Text is currently endorsed by Educational Diagnostician and Consultant, Dr. Miriam Cherkes-Julkowski, which she outlines in a letter at the beginning of each book. As well, Noah Text falls within the National Reading Panel’s guidelines of evidence-based reading instruction and can be used as an instructional scaffold.

Noah Text is highly effective for new readers, struggling readers, and those with dyslexia.

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