Sarah is currently speaking at colleges, schools, and various human service organizations regarding her cross-linguistic research and how it relates to literacy in this country. She specifically addresses how you can help your child or student become a fluent, confident reader by utilizing this research culminated from around the world.

An expanded workshop was approved for professional development by the Center for Early Learning Professionals in Rhode Island. The workshop is entitled Rime and Reason: Innovative Techniques for Creating a Strong Foundation for Literacy and is approved for two professional development hours.

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What People Are Saying...

“Sarah’s fresh, research-based ideas on literacy and reading were gripping, creative, and relevant!  Her innovative take on rimes was somewhat of an experiment for us, but an opportunity we were glad to take!  While other facilitators lock in to a stale PowerPoint, Sarah breathed life into her content with visuals, hands-on materials, reciprocal conversation, and a multi-modal approach that left participants reflecting long afterwards on the impact of her program!  It was as meaningful as it was provocative!” Christopher D. Salaun, Professional Development Specialist, Children’s Friend

Sarah Blodgett recently presented at the 56th Annual Correctional Education Association Region 1 that the New Jersey Chapter of the Correctional Education Association hosted at the Grand Hotel in Cape May, New Jersey on May 31 through June 2, 2017. Her workshops were well received by all of the educators who attended her workshops. As an educator, I really appreciate Sarah’s dedication in completing thousands of hours of research to develop a system in order to assist her son to not only read but to enjoy it! I have been an educator for over 40 years with over 35 years working with students who have difficulty reading. I highly recommend the method that Sarah Blodgett has developed to assist students who struggle to read. Kevin Kavanaugh, NJ Correctional Education Association President, Deputy Director Region 1 Correctional Education Association

I found Sarah K. Blodgett’s Noah Text extremely intriguing. I have never seen a text or teaching strategy that took the approach of building syllables in words to assist struggling readers, and I thought it was such a useful resource. Workshop Participant​

I was very intrigued by Sarah K. Blodgett’s talk. I was interested in how her books were specialized to help children with dyslexia and I would love to see if one day all books could come in the form of Noah Text. Workshop Participant​

Sarah K. Blodgett, creator of Noah Text, was extremely educational. From her, I learned how you can aid children to read in more advantageous ways so children do not remain behind. Workshop Participant​

I found Sarah Blodgett’s talk extremely interesting. I plan to use this information in the future when I teach. Workshop Participant

I like that you can give books out in a classroom and nobody knows if the books are in regular text or Noah Text. I think this is a great learning tool for speech and language pathologists and special education programs. Workshop Participant​

In my profession, if I ever needed to help a child with their reading skills, I would definitely direct them toward Noah Text. Workshop Participant​ 

Not only do I now know about this great program that could be a resource to families that I work with in the future, but I have been encouraged to take steps towards things that matter. Workshop Participant​ 

Thank you! This will help me with instruction of reading in my classroom.  Workshop Participant

Very interesting and informative – food for thought!  Workshop Participant

Very informative and encouraging!  Workshop Participant

Love the concept and alternative way of reading.  Workshop Participant

This would be a good method to use in ABE (Adult Basic Education) level classrooms.  Workshop Participant
She has great techniques to assist emerging readers or ESL (English Second Language) learners.  Workshop Participant

She seems to have a lot to offer. I am curious to see where her work goes and try it in my own classroom.  Workshop Participant
Great workshop!  Workshop Participant

The presenter was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I’m excited about Noah Text and hope to help my struggling and dyslexic students.  Workshop Participant

Different and easy to understand!  Workshop Participant

The facilitator was very knowledgeable.  Workshop Participant
She was very researched. The knowledge was interesting, plus she was approachable.  Workshop Participant

The approach was meaningful.  Workshop Participant

The mode was effective for me because of the multi-modal approach, the hands-on material, the handouts, PowerPoint, and the knowledge accumulated and shared by the presenter.  Workshop Participant

It seems like it will make far more sense to children with regard to reading introduction.  Workshop Participant

This workshop provides wonderful, research-based information that can be adapted in meaningful, developmentally appropriate ways to literacy development for young children. It seems like it will make far more sense to children with regard to reading instruction.  Workshop Participant

It raised my awareness of the rime and its value in literacy.  Workshop Participant

She shared great ideas to use in a classroom and gave us a book she wrote, which was helpful.  Workshop Participant

The textbook that was given and the way that it was edited made it easy to read.  Workshop Participant

The creativity was great. The games and items used were simple and direct.  Workshop Participant

We learned how to teach kids rimes and how to pronounce words.  Workshop Participant

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