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A cross between “Harry Potter” and “Bridge to Terabithia” comes “The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson…”

According to some of the greatest minds of our time, in order to realize your DREAMS and see the MAGIC around you, you must quiet your mind, be PRESENT, simply BELIEVE, and be ACCEPTING of others. For some kids, like Franklin Noah Peterson, this comes naturally. Frank, as he’s known by family and friends, lives in an old sea captain’s house with his parents, little sister Izzy, and Allie, their beloved chocolate lab. Frank is an imaginative kid who doesn’t particularly enjoy school but loves being outdoors, especially with his three best friends, Jared, Tyler, and Charlie. This coming-of-age series follows Frank from age twelve all the way through his freshman year of college. Each year, on Halloween, Frank is given the extraordinary ability to travel back in time for the day. On each adventure, he makes a meaningful friendship that allows him to grow into a very thoughtful young man. Along the way, MYSTICAL things occur that make him wonder if there is something larger at play that he cannot quite grasp at this time. The message conveyed in this series is universal and is enjoyed by all ages.  Hopefully, readers will find their lives become more MAGICAL because of it!  (Written for ages 9 to adult.)

Book One: The Early Years
Follow Frank through seventh to eighth grade, as he discovers a mystical staircase that allows him to travel back in time.  Is he going mad, as he seriously wonders, or is there truly something magical at hand?

Book Two:  The Middle Years
Follow Frank through his first two years of high school and find out what his travels reveal about the adults around him, and what they don’t…

Book Three:  The Later Years
Follow Frank through his last two years of high school to his first year of college.  See how the magic from his travels start to merge into his everyday existence, thus, helping him through some very serious life struggles.

About Noah Text:
This book series is available in plain text for proficient readers or in Noah Text. Noah Text is highly effective for new readers, struggling readers, and those with dyslexia. Noah Text simulates easier language systems by highlighting critical word patterns. This gives readers the independence to learn  unknown words on their own while at the same time enhancing fluency and ease of reading. This is all done while leaving words intact. Noah Text (Syllables + Long Vowels) provides maximum benefit by highlighting syllable breaks and accentuating long vowels, similar to an acute accent mark which is used in many languages. Noah Text (Just Syllables) is for slightly more skilled readers and highlights syllable breaks only.

Noah Text is currently endorsed by Educational Diagnostician and Consultant, Dr. Miriam Cherkes-Julkowski, which she outlines in a letter at the beginning of each book. As well, Noah Text falls within the National Reading Panel’s guidelines of evidence-based reading instruction and can be used as an instructional scaffold.

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