Noah Text has been a remarkable literacy tool in my classroom for the past two academic years. For students who struggle with reading fluency and accuracy, using the multisensory text has alleviated the habit of "guessing".  Students who normally would struggle to read one chapter of a book were soon reading all three books in Noah Text.  This specialized text highlights the critical elements of the printed word: the vowel sounds and the syllables, which has dramatically changed how my students read. The students look for the underlined vowels and the highlighted syllables. One particular student, who has a traumatic brain injury, was reluctant to read. Yet once he realized he was reading more accurately with Noah Text, he was willing to read for longer durations and found the enjoyment of reading. Another student, who avoids reading because of dyslexia, willingly read aloud in front of his peers pages of Sarah Blodgett's Franklin Noah Peterson chapter books. One time, when I was passing out the chapter books, a student opened his book and quickly raised his hand yelling out, "Excuse me, but my book is broken!" His book was not broken; it was actually in the typical text that we all use. What he wanted and expected to see was Noah Text to assist him with reading. For these middle school students, using a scaffold text to make them independent readers has been astounding. They are becoming confident readers; they are willing to become engaged in the reading process and willing to take the risk of reading aloud. Noah Text is innovative and a real "game-changer" for those who struggle to read the printed word. Just like large printed books, Noah Text should be available for all printed materials to alleviate the pain of reading for those with dyslexia. It would be phenomenal to see Noah Text expanded to help the full gamut of age ranges and readers. I think Noah Text would revolutionize reading for kids learning to read or struggling readers. Amy Geary, Reading Consultant, Montville Public Schools, CT

As choices for decodable readers have historically been fairly limited, Noah Text brings a breath of fresh air to this market. The use of onset and rime with the font differentiation along with the syllables is just pure genius! Noah Text definitely helps both developing readers and struggling readers decode text much more fluently, giving them confidence, while simultaneously building decoding and fluency skill. It actually helps reluctant readers get “over the hump” and feel good about reading! Noah Text is a great tool for teachers to use with all their students. The fact that a student can be reading a Noah Text book in the classroom, while the other students are reading the same book in plain text is certainly an added benefit. This alleviates the stigma struggling students so often feel in school. I would highly recommend Noah Text for any classroom. Linnea Johnson, Resource Support Coordinator, Meadowbrook Waldorf School, RI

I am a huge fan of your Noah Text books, and would recommend it to any teacher of reading who is interested in getting remedial readers into reading and enjoying books.  Thank you so much! Deborah Phillips, Reading Specialist  

Your chapter book was an important part of our summer program, and the students thoroughly enjoyed it. They loved the story and benefited from the Noah Text. Thank you for what you are doing for these students and others who struggle with reading! Reading Specialist

Sarah Blodgett recently presented at the 56th Annual Correctional Education Association Region 1 that the New Jersey Chapter of the Correctional Education Association hosted at the Grand Hotel in Cape May, New Jersey on May 31 through June 2, 2017. Her workshops were well received by all of the educators who attended her workshops. As an educator, I really appreciate Sarah’s dedication in completing thousands of hours of research to develop a system in order to assist her son to not only read but to enjoy it! I have been an educator for over 40 years with over 35 years working with students who have difficulty reading. I highly recommend the method that Sarah Blodgett has developed to assist students who struggle to read. Kevin Kavanaugh, NJ Correctional Education Association President, Deputy Director Region 1 Correctional Education Association

The sense of security, self-esteem, and pride a child experiences when able to finish reading a paragraph, then a page and finally a book is immeasurable. Sarah’s books are a tool to aid children to achieve just that! Rhode Island Tutorial & Educational Services

I have implemented Noah Text into my lesson plan for reading in both my classes, Adult Basic Education One (literacy level) and ESL (English as Second Language). My students are showing remarkable improvement especially in confidence in decoding unfamiliar words during reading. I explained the importance of paying attention to long vowel sounds when reading aloud. The emphasis on syllabication using boldface print helps the student to think about the word before saying it, giving pause for reflection on word structure and phonemic implementation in the speaking of the word. Teaching the rime concept is catching on and my students are loving reading such that they practice reading on their own and come into class with questions on the meaning of words as well as spelling. Norma Wallace, Teacher, Northern State Prison, NJ

I read the Noah Text chapter books with my grandson whose reading is still sadly not his thing. However, he was quite successful reading your books. Having the vowel patterns stand out the way you did made it much easier to decode words and I really enjoyed the story lines—not dumbed down at all for the kids. I hope they are gaining success. Retired Teacher

A parent told me that she recorded her daughter reading regular text and then Noah Text. She couldn’t believe how much more fluent she reads with Noah Text. As well, a few of my older students said they like the text as it makes them less tired when they read. I’ve also noticed students are able to decode independently using it. Parents are asking when Noah Text will be available in an app. Literacy Teacher/Special Educator

I find Noah Text books to be very helpful to students learning a new language in that they reinforce vowel sounds in a context. Secondly, I find Noah Text books very helpful to special education populations in general. Translator/Linguist

My students enjoyed reading the early reader stories using Noah Text. Thank you so much! Special Education Teacher

Great series for my dyslexic son. Will be buying the rest of them. Thank you! (Five Star Review) Trish

We purchased a set of books at the homeschool convention and they are fantastic! Just what my struggling reader needed to advance. (Five Star Review) Danielle Chafin Miller

“Blodgett’s use of Noah Text in the books she writes helps the struggling reader jump aboard with his peers, while reading a chapter book, and ends the cycle of him being left behind. I am extremely pleased with how Noah Text helps the struggling reader come into his own as a proficient reader. My son was quite pleased being able to read through a chapter book series on his own. He also enjoyed the story. I only hope Blodgett continues to author more books using Noah Text or can translate some pre-existing titles, so more children may enjoy the stories.” Jennifer Smeltser, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

“The (chapter) book is easy to visually read and because of that the reader can comprehend with far less difficulty then traditional type set.” Suzanne Arena, Founder of Decoding Dyslexia, RI (Shared on LinkedIn)

“Sarah’s fresh, research-based ideas on literacy and reading were gripping, creative, and relevant!  Her innovative take on rimes was somewhat of an experiment for us, but an opportunity we were glad to take!  While other facilitators lock in to a stale PowerPoint, Sarah breathed life into her content with visuals, hands-on materials, reciprocal conversation, and a multi-modal approach that left participants reflecting long afterwards on the impact of her program!  It was as meaningful as it was provocative!” Christopher D. Salaun, Professional Development Specialist, Children’s Friend

“I used these books (early readers) with my 6 year old son who was already reading, but not very quickly.  The cover and illustrations caught his eye right away and he finished reading them by the next day.  He enjoyed them and had no trouble with them at all.  With outdoor escapades being a fading pastime in some neighborhoods, the content of natural adventure and imagination is a very appealing aspect of this author's work and really hit the mark with my son's conquering spirit.” Amy Butler, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Just love these books.. if your child is struggling, you need to check these books out answers to prayers! (Five Star Review) Tonya Font

I can't thank you enough! Noah Text is incredible. It's so easy to read and fast! Adult with Dyslexia

I love Noah Text because it lets me see a movie in my head while I read the story. High School Student/Struggling Reader/ESL

If all books were in Noah Text, I would read everything. It makes reading so much easier. You need to go to congress about this! It needs to be in an app! High School Student/Struggling Reader

Sarah really gets it! She really understand how the words need to be broken down. Teenager with Dyslexia

In my reading class we just finished your series The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson and my class absolutely loved it, mostly me. All of us read it faster than any other period our teacher teaches! We all have a million plus questions and I would like to ask you some, but first I want to say the Noah Text really helped me read. Being someone who has dyslexia and had cancer when they were two, it’s hard to find books that are easy for me to read! Middle School Student with Dyslexia

Sarah K. Blodgett is a gifted author whose own passion for her own son is evident in the work that she put into creating Noah text in order to meet the needs of a variety of students. I am a kindergarten teacher and Sarah K. Blodgett saved me time out of my own teacher preparation by differentiating the texts for me. The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson is a trilogy(at the time) of stories that I could not put down. I read all three books because I had to know what happened to Frank and his "secret." I don't want to give a way the story, but as a reader myself, I love Mary Higgins Clark and how different plots are intertwined until the end when all the pieces of the puzzle are put back together. Sarah K. Blodgett intertwines Franklin Noah Peterson and other adventures until you find out how they all fit together. I hope Sarah K. Blodgett continues to write stories that seek to engage a variety of students and continue to build students sense of imagination and wonder because I know that I am wondering what is going to happen to Franklin Noah Peterson. Respectfully submitted, Holly Buhler, Kindergarten Teacher

My child has dyslexia and through the years I’ve experimented with him reading through colored film and using specialized fonts. None of these things helped. He is now in college and loves Noah Text. It helps him read much smoother and with much more speed. If he could, he would buy all his books in Noah Text. Hopefully, Noah Text will be available everywhere someday. Parent

It's amazing to meet a person who truly believes that they can change the world by helping people who are challenged by things that we take for granted. Sarah K Blodgett, the founder of Noah Text, is doing just that for children and adults with reading disabilities. I am honored that The Mad Dash will be the first book ever published (outside of Sarah's arsenal!) in Noah Text! Check out Sarah's awesome site and join the Noah Text movement by liking her on FB! Tom Kiernan, Author of "The Mad Dash, Bite My Dust"​

My class and I just finished the series of your book (“The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Person”). It was a very good book. Maybe one of my favorite book series… You are a very good writer. I hope you make more books. Middle School Student​/Struggling Reader

My daughter is currently in high school; she has dyslexia and autism. I purchased “The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson” for her, and I’ve never heard her read so fluently. Parent

I like your book (“The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson”) mostly because throughout the story Frank got older and kept going back into the past for a new adventure. I also like how you made the story last and how the story never got boring… Are you going to make a book four? Middle School Student​​/Struggling Reader

The books (“The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson”) that I read of yours were great. I liked reading them because the letters that you underlined were helpful and they inspire me. Middle School Student​/Struggling Reader

I’ve worked in education for over 30 years. When I came across Sarah Blodgett’s work, I brought samples of her text to several dyslexic friends. Both found Noah Text to be life changing. They couldn’t believe how much it helped them read. Retired Teacher 

I loved your book (“The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson”). I enjoyed the suspenseful things that you have written in your book! Is there a fourth book? Thank you for this book and helping me with reading. Middle School Student​/Struggling Reader

​Today I share this wonderful video from Sarah K Blodgett on her wonderful learning font called Noah Text. This font was unknown to me a week ago, but since being introduced I now own a book written in all Noah Text and have shared the concept with my favorite middle school teacher (secret: the teacher is my mom). As the son of a teacher there will always be an interest in new learning teaching techniques, and as a father it is important to me to have great guidance available to improve reading skills. The text is easy for my eight year olds to understand and have begun to challenge them to look at higher level reading books when we visit book stores and the library. Gabe Andrews (Shared on LinkedIn)

My class and I just finished the series The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson today. I loved it and I am going to buy all the books and DEFINITELY read the books again (it is such a good book series). I like the fact that Frank describes me EXCEPT I am a girl. I also liked the fact that Frank and Izzy grew up as the story went on. Middle School Student​/Struggling Reader

I love how you made Frank travel in time in The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson. One of my favorite travels was when Frank met Abigail. They were such good friends… Mrs. Blodgett, I have two questions for you: Is there a fourth book? Were the characters based on real people? Middle School Student​/Struggling Reader

I liked the two books that we read (“The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson”), and I can’t wait to read the third. Middle School Student​/Struggling Reader

I enjoyed that Frank is a very kind kid in The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson, and I enjoy that he helps people. Is Port Jonah a real place? Middle School Student​/Struggling Reader

I truly enjoyed both of the books I read (“The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson”). I really enjoyed the time travel and the magical staircase. I also loved how much detail that is in the book. Middle School Student​/Struggling Reader

I really enjoyed the books you wrote and can’t wait for the other books you’re writing (“The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson”). I really like the characters’ personalities, especially Frank’s and the idea of time travel. Middle School Student​/Struggling Reader

The books you had made were really inspiring (“The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson”). I like how the books were full of mysteries. Are you making a fourth book? I must tell you my favorite part of the story was when Frank’s mother said that just because someone is in a lower class doesn’t mean anything. It really teaches me and other readers a lesson. Thank you for sharing nice and mysterious books. Middle School Student​/Struggling Reader

You are one of the only authors that I actually read their books. The only other author I’ve read is Stephen King. I enjoy his books and yours (“The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson”). Is there a 4th book coming out for your book series? Middle School Student​/Struggling Reader

I really enjoyed your books (“The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson”) because they have interesting scenes in them. The questions I have is where did you come up with the idea of the books? Also, why can’t Frank choose where he goes back in time? If I had a choice, I would go to one of Michael Jordan’s basketball games. Middle School Student​/Struggling Reader

I read all three books of The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson and I loved all the connections you made with the characters. Also I liked how each book had a mystery at the end. You should write another book to the series. Middle School Student​/Struggling Reader

Reading The Mystical Years of the Franklin Noah Peterson series was an enchanting and inspirational experience with a mysterious / adventurous twist. I loved the quotes that appeared at the beginning of each year of Franklin’s life, providing the reader with a clue as to what was to happen to Franklin that year, as well as, providing inspiration/ food for thought for the reader. The fact that Franklin’s mystical experiences were interspersed with “true to life” experiences of young boys/young adults was pleasing to read. As a former social worker who worked extensively with youth of various abilities, it was refreshing to read about youths with various strengths and weakness and written in such a positive way! The fact that Ms Blodgett has developed a text specifically designed for struggling readers is icing on the cake! Teacher’s check this out!!! The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson is a fun, inspirational, mysterious, and magical experience. A great read for all ages! Oh and I can’t wait to find out more about Abigail!!  JMK

Halloween is my favorite holiday filled with fun and mystery. It’s a perfect day for a magical adventure. Franklin Noah Peterson finds an exceptional adventure in a quiet corner of an old Victorian library. A rare, leather-bound book catches his eye and suddenly he has traveled through time. I love the story of Frank’s magical time travel. The author’s description of the sights, sounds, and smells pulled me right in. The wonderful characters and odd happenings kept me turning pages. I was transported back in time by details of clothing and traditions that triggered memories and made me smile. Frank’s quirky and perceptive personality is engaging. The author Sarah Blodgett does an excellent job of keeping the story moving and the reader guessing. The way that the characters and plot lines cross in the different time periods will intrigue and delight you. This coming-of-age story treats real life scenarios with a sensibility that will appeal to both teens and adults. Enjoy the possibilities of magic moments in life, thanks to The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson. Susan Faulkner

MS. Blodgett is magnificent storyteller. The life of Franklin draws the reader into an awesome experience. This journey takes you into the life of a young boy. Before I finished the first book I immediately order the second and third book. I was not disappointed. Readers will love Franklin, his family and friends. ~ CAB~

Wow, magical and mystical (chapter) books that pull you right in to the story from the first few pages! The way this author intertwines all three books together is amazing! My daughter and I couldn't put them down. These are a must read. (Five Star Review) L. Williams

My kids read the early readers and loved them. Parent​

These books (early readers) capture your attention from the very beginning! The author pulls you into the books and you don't want to put them down. Such a magical and spiritual series! What an imagination she has. (Five Star Review) L. Williams

I just cannot say enough about these books. They were simply wonderful; I did not want to put the down.  After I finished each book I couldn’t wait to go on the next. I just hope Sarah continues to write more of these terrific books.  Amazon Customer

I love how you made Noah Text. It helps me with breaking down the words because I find it hard to break down syllables. Middle School Student with Dyslexia

I thought it was interesting to read this book (“The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson”) because it has magic and I love magic. Middle School Student with Dyslexia

I have an idea for your next book in The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson - that is to bring a new character named Isabella Hermione. She experiences a lot and sees the future. Middle School Student with Dyslexia

Do you think you will make a movie about your book (“The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson”)? I think it would be a good movie. Middle School Student with Dyslexia

I am going to read it again and again (“The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson”). Middle School Student with Dyslexia

I like that you put math and magic in The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson. My favorite part of the story was when Mrs. Grabner sat on the egg because it was funny. Middle School Student with Dyslexia

Thank you! This will help me with instruction of reading in my classroom.  Workshop Participant/Teacher

Very interesting and informative – food for thought!  Workshop Participant/Teacher

Very informative and encouraging!  Workshop Participant/Teacher

Love the concept and alternative way of reading.  Workshop Participant/Teacher

She seems to have a lot to offer. I am curious to see where her work goes and try it in my own classroom.  Workshop Participant/Teacher

Great workshop!  Workshop Participant/Teacher

The presenter was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I’m excited about Noah Text and hope to help my struggling and dyslexic students.  Workshop Participant/Teacher

Different and easy to understand!  Workshop Participant/Teacher

The facilitator was very knowledgeable.  Workshop Participant/Teacher

She was very researched. The knowledge was interesting, plus she was approachable.  Workshop Participant/Teacher

The approach was meaningful.  Workshop Participant/Teacher

The mode was effective for me because of the multi-modal approach, the hands-on material, the handouts, PowerPoint, and the knowledge accumulated and shared by the presenter.  Workshop Participant/Teacher

It seems like it will make far more sense to children with regard to reading introduction.  Workshop Participant/Teacher

It raised my awareness of the rime and its value in literacy.  Workshop Participant/Teacher

She shared great ideas to use in a classroom and gave us a book she wrote, which was helpful.  Workshop Participant/Teacher

I found Sarah Blodgett’s talk extremely interesting. I plan to use this information in the future when I teach. Workshop Participant

The textbook that was given and the way that it was edited made it easy to read.  Workshop Participant/Teacher

The creativity was great. The games and items used were simple and direct.  Workshop Participant/Teacher

We learned how to teach kids rimes and how to pronounce words.  Workshop Participant

Not only do I now know about this great program that could be a resource to families that I work with in the future, but I have been encouraged to take steps towards things that matter. Workshop Participan

Her system was easy to understand. She was very informative. Outstanding!! Workshop Participant/Teacher

She presented a great new idea on how to teach students to read. Workshop Participant/Teacher

She’s a good public speaker and very relatable. Good advice on strengthening reading skills. Workshop Participant/Teacher 

Her supplemental reading program was easy to understand. She provided several examples of rime patterns and took time to answer questions throughout the whole session. Workshop Participant/Teacher 

Reading becomes easier using her specialized text and the level of frustration goes down for the student. Workshop Participant/Teacher 

I thought the workshop was very beneficial. The speaker was very enjoyable and helpful. Workshop Participant/Teacher 

I enjoyed the information given and can see this being used in the education system. Workshop Participant/Teacher 

Excellent presentation! Workshop Participant/Teacher 

I enjoyed the visuals and her information on phonological awareness, simplicity, and the rime. Workshop Participant/Teacher 

Subject matter was very interesting and relevant. Workshop Participant/Teacher 

The strength of this workshop was to look at a different approach to reading instruction, and educators can always use more strategies to teach reading. Workshop Participant/Teacher 

The presenter was very well researched. Bring her back! Very good and useful workshop! Workshop Participant/Teacher 

This innovative program is new to me and very relevant. Excellent! Workshop Participant/Teacher 

Her workshop was very detailed and informative. Workshop Participant/Teacher 

Her workshop was great! It was clear, relatable, and elicited sharing. Workshop Participant/Teacher 

Very knowledgeable! Workshop Participant/Teacher 

She was very knowledgeable and provided good visuals and tools. Workshop Participant/Teacher 

This workshop was very informative. Workshop Participant/Teacher 

Excellent information! I hope this takes off! Workshop Participant/Teacher

She provided excellent strategies to use in the classroom. Workshop Participant/Teacher 

Not only do I now know about this great program that could be a resource to families that I work with in the future, but I have been encouraged to take steps towards things that matter. Workshop Participant

​This is a very interesting concept. I am a K-12 EL teacher and I’ve had kids who really struggle with decoding and fluency. Teaching patterns make sense. Workshop Participant/Teacher

Very interesting and useful! Thank you! Workshop Participant/Teacher

The workshop was organized and informative. Workshop Participant/Teacher 

I think this technique could help our students with low literacy levels and our ELL population. Workshop Participant/Teacher

The workshop was very well presented! Workshop Participant/Teacher

The workshop was interesting and enhances understanding of teaching reading. Workshop Participant/Teacher

Great info on how to teach reading in a new, easier way! Workshop Participant/Teacher

This workshop was excellent and very relevant to my career. Workshop Participant/Teacher

The workshop provided great reading research data. Workshop Participant/Teacher

This workshop shows how to adequately work with students that struggle with reading and helps teachers to teach reading better. Workshop Participant/Teacher

This workshop provided excellent research. Workshop Participant/Teacher

I found Sarah K. Blodgett’s Noah Text extremely intriguing. I have never seen a text or teaching strategy that took the approach of building syllables in words to assist struggling readers, and I thought it was such a useful resource. Workshop Participant

I was very intrigued by Sarah K. Blodgett’s talk. I was interested in how her books were specialized to help children with dyslexia and I would love to see if one day all books could come in the form of Noah Text. Workshop Participant

This would be a good method to use in ABE (Adult Basic Education) level classrooms.  Workshop Participant/Teacher

She has great techniques to assist emerging readers or ESL (English Second Language) learners.  Workshop Participant/Teacher

Sarah K. Blodgett, creator of Noah Text, was extremely educational. From her, I learned how you can aid children to read in more advantageous ways so children do not remain behind. Workshop Participant

I like that you can give books out in a classroom and nobody knows if the books are in regular text or Noah Text. I think this is a great learning tool for speech and language pathologists and special education programs. Workshop Participant

In my profession, if I ever needed to help a child with their reading skills, I would definitely direct them toward Noah Text. Workshop Participant

This workshop provides wonderful, research-based information that can be adapted in meaningful, developmentally appropriate ways to literacy development for young children. It seems like it will make far more sense to children with regard to reading instruction.  Workshop Participant/Teacher


By highlighting rimes, the Noah Text early readers effortlessly draws attention to what is systematic and informative within our language. The importance of learned rime patterns is at the core of sound reading instruction enabling children to recognize syllables in multisyllable words for ease in future reading and decoding.  If a reader does not have a well-honed awareness of this kind, which is very common for struggling readers, the Noah Text chapter books highlight the syllables and long vowels enabling individuals to decode multisyllable words more accurately and more fluently while building reading skill. Noah Text does this without compromising the interest level of the book it is applied to. Hopefully, Noah Text will continue to expand its collection of books to further individuals’ reading skill and fluency with an enriched variety to choose from. Miriam Cherkes-Julkowski, Ph.D., Professor, Educational Psychology, retired, Educational Diagnostician and Consultant, NY, AZ, CT

Noah Text, LLC